Holistic Weight-Loss Courses

We provide the state of the art techniques and treatment towards effective and sustainable weight loss. Many people who were previously obese or overweight and had other health issues owing to the weight management have successfully been able to make healthy strides in slimming and achieving the desired figure and also in the process, their desired overall health and well-being. Apart from general weight loss, we also achieve great results in the following targeted programs:

1.Weight lose treatment
2. Cellulite Treatment
3. Post Delivery skin Tightening
4. Spot Fat Reduction
5. Liposuction
6. Mesotherapy
7. Breast Lifting/Toning/Augmentations
8. Inch Loss
9. Tummy Tuck ( Surgical / Non-Surgical)
10. Double Chin

Dr Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute provide the weight loss management course and training program to built an excellent career as weight loss practitioner or weight loss therapist.

Patients have achieved great success in the above treatments combined with leading healthy and well-rounded lifestyles towards sustainable wellness in the long-term. Our techniques are specialised to each patient’s personal needs and we cater to their specific issues in the most effective and fastest way that could apply to their underlying condition.

Holistic Weight-Loss Courses

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