Holistic Skin Therapy Course

The skin is the mirror to the wholesome well being of a person, the healthy reflection of mind and body. The skin is not independent of the body and will depend on the body for its health and well being. Skin treatment can involve repair, maintenance, rejuvenation or medical interventions.

training in skin therapy

Dr Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute offer the advanced beauty training course for skin that built excellent career.

The type of skin differs from person to person it may be normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. The type of skin defines the treatment technique and the care required. Today depending on the kind of dermal condition we have scientific procedures for various kinds of skin problems some the therapies provided are Scar revision, Laser Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, Photodynamic therapy, Chemical Peeling, Pigmentation removal etc.

There are wide range of equipments serving the purpose of various kinds of skin treatments, majorly all of them utilize the either of the three technologies- Intense Pulse light, Laser and Infra red radiations. Similarly are the various products available in market today ranging from Ayurveda, Homeopathy and pure cosmetics. Hands on live sessions and practical sessions are both conducted.

Acne is one of the basic skin conditions faced by millions of women. The face is mapped into areas or zones and the condition occurring in different zones is analysed and treated differently.

The various kinds of treatment methods and skin care courses & training programs provided in Dr Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute, Mumbai for skin are

• Acne Treatments
• Scar Reduction
• Face/ back Polishing
• Under Eye dark Circles
• Photo facial
• Dermabrasion
• Fairness/Suntan Pigmentation
• Face lift/ Anti ageing
• Skin tag
• Moles/ Warts Removal
• Rejuvenation & Glow Facials
• Dry Dull Rough Skin
• Tattoo Removal
• Hyper Pigmentation Treatment
• Fillers
• Botox
• Laser
• Power Peel
• Laser Skin Resurfacing
• Glycolic Peels
• Chemical Peels
• Skin peels

• Stretch Marks
• Thread Lift
• Dermaroller treatments
• Permanent laser hair Removal
• Non-Surgical Face Lift

  • Permanent Laser hair removal

There are precautions taken like allergy test or reaction tests done before the procedure inorder to prevent damage to the skin also care is taken while using the equipment and all the safety standards are met. The specialist advices the client regarding the precautions to be taken after the treatment as well. This ensures overall repair and health of the skin.

Holistic Skin Therapy Course