Holistic Hair Therapy Course

A certificate program for hair care professionals is the fastest way to begin an excellent career in hair care.

Healthy hair is always an asset and roots from the healthy mind and body. The holistic hair therapies aim at addressing the causes and the reasons alongwith the symptoms of hair problem. The hair types usually affect the related issues arising with hair. The different types are straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair and kinky hair.

hair treatment course

Vitamins, supplements and drugs can influence decrease in hair fall and other hair conditions when the cause of the same is deficiencies arising in the body.

Hair fall is one of the major issues addressed by therapy, Laser therapy, hair products, supplements etc may be used for this technique. Hair growth may be triggered by follicle stimulation techniques both the natural and artificial.

Trichoscanning is done inorder to quantify the hair growth so that it becomes effective during follow up sessions, also this helps in analyzing the effectiveness of the drugs or therapeutic technique.

Scientific massage is used to increase the blood circulation in the area hence promoting healthy and consistent hair growth. Like for skin even the scalp has zones where concentrated therapeutic effect can increase the rate of hair growth.

The various procedures used for the therapy is as per below:

  • Treatment for Hair fall
  • Lasers for hair grow
  • Treatment for Alopecia baldness
  • Treatment for Dandruff
  • Hair mesotherapy or hair regrowth therapy
  • Hair stem cell therapy or therapy for follicle to induce hair regrowth
  • Keratene / Volume Treatment
  • PRP Treatment

Majorly laser technology-centered machines are used for most kind of hair treatments. The scalp and the follicle health is most important for the health of hairs and all kinds of therapy basically focuses on this fact.

Holistic Hair Therapy Course