Holistic Hair Therapy Courses In Mumbai

Dr. Rekha’s Cosmetic & Laser Institute from Mumbai is a division of Dr. Rekha’s Skin and Slim Centre offers outstanding training program on Skin, Hair, Cosmetology treatments, Facial & laser aesthetic treatments and Weight management. Our Holistic Hair Treatment Institute in India provides the students with advanced profession beauty courses. If anyone wants to become […]

Holistic Skin Therapy Courses in Mumbai

Your skin is one of the largest body organs and the most visible body part. Perhaps, Skin is the first thing you see, when you look at a person. The skin type of person can speak volumes about his personality. It produces anti-bacterial substances that prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into […]

Holistic Beauty Therapy Course in Mumbai

Every one is beautiful in their own unique way. But certain physical beauty features set a benchmark in beauty standards of the society. A beautiful, attractive body and face can make heads turn wherever you go. However, not every one has the perfect beauty features. So, for all those who are not happy with their […]

Hair Care Courses in Mumbai

Almost all people faces some kinds of hair related issues. Some may have dandruff and other faces hair fall or other problems. Here, the importance of Holistic Hair Care Therapy is raising up. Holistic hair therapy aim at addressing the reasons and causes along with the symptoms of hair problem. Dr.Rekha’s cosmetic & laser institute […]

Body Therapy Cours in Mumbai

Holistic Body Therapy Courses in Mumbai

Body Therapies can help to prevent stress. This is extremely important because studies shows that prolonged stress adds to serious conditions such as hypertension, heart irregularities, anxieties, sleeping disorders, persistent fatigue, reduced fertility, mental health issues, digestive disorders and diabetes. It also suppresses your immune system, which makes you more likely to get new ailments […]

Weight Loss Therapy Courses In Mumbai

Are You Looking For The Best Weight Loss Institute In India ? Obesity is a serious issue affecting the  majority of population in all age group all over India. The health risk regarding obesity is increasing day by day. The weight loss courses is achieving a great relevance in the society.  There is a rise […]

Body Therapy Courses in Mumbai

Dr.Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute in  Mumbai offers Body Therapy Courses in Mumbai. Body Therapy is very essential in modern lifestyle and eating habits of people being subjected to major setbacks. The Body therapy is mainly Focusing at releasing tight muscles and improve mobility, decreasing stress, and reducing pain to body joints. In Modern lifestyle brings it […]

Cosmetic Courses in Mumbai

  Dr Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute in Mumbai is offer excellent training for people those who Build a career in professional beauty industry. The Cosmetic and Laser institute prides itself with providing advanced Professional Beauty Courses in Mumbai. Join our Professional Cosmetic Courses in Mumbai and be a professional beauty therapist.This is a certificate […]