About our Doctor

Aesthetic Dermatologist

Aesthetic Dermatologist, Antiageing expert, obesity consultant, medico-legal consultant. M.D, Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine, PGD. hospital management, PGDMLC, PGD Cosmetology, Trichology and weight management, Anti-Aging Medicine.

Our doctor Dr. Rekha (M.D, PGD) is a seasoned specialist in the areas of Skin and Weight Management among treating and achieving brilliant results in the field of cosmetology pertaining to general wellness of the body as well aesthetics. She has worked in multiple institutes to provide them with her expertise and her experience of more than two decades has helped many establishments across the country. She has risen to become one of the most sought after doctors in her specialty and her track record is testament of her unprecedented success over the years. She has helped patients from different backgrounds to be able to achieve long-term, sustainable and extremely effective wellness holistically.  People have felt empowered through her effective treatments towards aesthetics of the body and also through greater well-rounded health by use of her outstanding experience and skill in the “Panchkarma” treatment.